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Commercial Buildings with Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a popular choice for commercial buildings in Northeast Wisconsin. Metal roofs are the perfect cost-effective roofing solution for many commercial buildings, including:

  • Schools and gymnasium
  • Park District Buildings
  • Barns
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Cabins
  • Apartment Complexes
  • And beyond!

You dream up the roofing solution, we provide the means and make it happen for all of Northeastern WI. Our standing seam roofing solutions are fast and simple to keep your construction project on time and on budget. Our fully trained technicians will install your roof with your 100% satisfaction—guaranteed. Overhead Solutions is also Green Bay's top standing seam roof repair and replacement contractor.

The ‘standing seam’ part of these metal roofs refers to the interlocking seam feature that runs vertically up the roof. These interlocking seams hold panels together in resistance to weather damage, keeping your warehouse, barn, apartment complex, and more protected for years to come.

The fasteners are clipped underneath the external layer, sheltering any vulnerable spots from UV, moisture, or wind damage that could potentially leak through other traditional roofs.

Standing seam roofing is a great option for commercial properties and businesses
Standing seam repair, replacement and installation near Green Bay

Energy Efficient Commercial Roofing

Whether you choose standing seam roofing or commercial rubber roofing, Overhead Solutions will find the most energy efficient solution for your building. Certain color options allow for absorption or reflection of sun rays, keeping your attic cool while preventing snow and ice buildup. Ice dams can build on the ledge of traditional roofs, warping the material and causing water damage to backup, melted areas on the roof—a metal standing seam roof eliminates sudden roof damage that could cost you serious money in the future.

Cut A/C costs in the summer by installing a metal roof directly over your existing roof to keep your home cool and protected against warming sun rays.

Low-Cost Longevity for Commercial Roofs

Metal roofing seams are protected against external forces, making them the sure-fire roofing system to last years longer than traditional roofing (such as shingles and tiles). These hidden seams also mean less maintenance than other roofs—but metal roof maintenance is necessary. Regular maintenance ensures that unexpected metal roof repairs are not in your future.

This low maintenance roofing solution allows owners to spend money where they want—instead of funneling funds into constant repairs.

24/7 Emergency Standing Seam Roof Repair

If you find your standing seam roof suddenly not protecting your inside space like it should, contact the emergency roof repair specialists at Overhead Solutions for our 24/7 immediate services.

Standing Seam Types

There are a variety of choices for owners to choose from when deciding what kind of standing seam roof would best fit their space. These types include:

  • Nail Flange: the most cost-efficient option, especially for residential spaces; but, this option allows for more damage due to the lack of hidden or protected seams.
  • Snap-Lock: interlocking panels that are cut to fit together without hand or mechanical seaming during installation.
  • Mechanical-Lock: requires professional contractors to assemble on-site either by hand or mechanical seam technology. 
    • Single Lock Systems: a single fold on the seam allows for easier single-panel repair
    • Double Lock Systems: features a double fold on the seam, flipping 180 degrees inward for further protection
  • Batten Panels: these panel seams consist of two upright sides pressed together, with a third piece mechanically seamed over or snapped on, forming a tight seal.
    • Tee Seam: mechanically seamed into place for more weather resistance, easily replaced.
    • Snap Cap: aesthetically more pleasing but depend entirely on proper installation techniques.
Standing Seam Roof Repair
Contact Overhead Solutions for a quote on standing seam roof repair, replacement and installation.

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