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Commercial Flat Roof Repair in Green Bay

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Professional Flat Roof Repair from Commercial Roofing ContractorsGreen Bay Flat Roofing Repair

The commercial roofers at Overhead Solutions repair flat rubber roofs for businesses in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin. Finding commercial roof damage and fixing it right the first time is no easy task. Flat rubber roofs require greater attention to detail than residential roofs, and need a professional to fix them. The roofers at Overhead Solutions offer unmatched commercial roof repair in Green Bay.

Common Commercial Roof Problems

  • Poor Drainage – Ponding
  • Leaky Flashing
  • Membrane Shrinkage
  • Membrane Tenting
  • Exposed HVAC Systems

Green Bay TPO Roof Repairs

TPO roofing systems are becoming a popular commercial roofing option since costs were lowered to be more competitive with EPDM roofing systems. Made of a special blend of plastic and rubber, TPO roofing creates a watertight seal on your commercial building, protecting it from Green Bay’s harsh winter weather. TPO roof repairs can be as simple as applying additional sealant, or as complicated as adding a new sheet of TPO materials. You need an expert when it comes to commercial TPO roof repair.

EPDM Roof Repairs in Green BayEPDM Roof Repair in Green Bay

EPDM roofing systems are one of the most common commercial roofing materials available. Made from a synthetic rubber, EPDM resists brutal Green Bay weather and damaging radiation. EPDM is ideal for Wisconsin’s cool climate. Much like TPO roofing, EPDM roof repairs can be performed with nothing more than some sealant, but could also require relaying portions of the membrane. EPDM roof repairs can’t be trusted to just any roofing company, you need experts like the commercial roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions in Green Bay.

Bitumen Roof Repair

Bitumen roofing materials are essential in Built-Up-Roof (BUR) systems. Bitumen is a popular choice for Green Bay businesses since the material has exceptional water and weather resisting capabilities. BUR systems are famed for their durability and reliability. If your BUR needs repairs chances are it was installed by an inferior roofing company. The commercial roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions can repair other roofer’s mistakes and restore your bitumen roof to its former glory.

Get Flat Roof Repair in Northern WI

The commercial roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions perform all manner of commercial roof repair services in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin. If your business’s roof is leaking please contact our team of commercial roofers. We offer fast, efficient and effective TPO roof repair, EPDM roof repair, Neogard roof repair, fluid applied roof repair, Bitumen roof repair and PVC roof repair. Contact the Green Bay roofers at Overhead Solutions for superior commercial roofing. 


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