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DECRA Roof Replacement in Green Bay

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Stone-Coated Steel DECRA Roof Replacement from Overhead Solutions

Green Bay Stone Coated Roofing Replacement

The Green Bay roof replacement experts at Overhead Solutions offer superior DECRA roof replacement. If you’re looking for a roof with the durability of a steel roof, but don’t care for the look of metal roofing (or how noisy they are when it rains), DECRA Roofing Systems are worth a look. DECRA is a stone-coated steel roofing system with a texture and style that isn’t possible with conventional metal roofing. It’s available in profiles that resemble shake roofing, shingles, or tile.

DECRA is the originator of the stone-coated steel shingle, and they have over 50 years of experience with the product. The innovative interlocking design enables a DECRA roof to withstand high winds and heavy rains. It’s lightweight, durable, resistant to freeze/thaw cycles, strong enough to be walked on, and requires virtually no maintenance. DECRA also insulates exceptionally well, making it a great choice for homes in the Green Bay area.

DECRA Roofing shingles provide 6 layers of protection

  1. Acrylic Priming System – Applied to both sides of the panel, this primer helps other layers adhere to the steel better.
  2. Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating – Protects against corrosion in most environments for more than 50 years (even for holes, scratches, and exposed edges).
  3. Structural-Grade Steel – With a 37ksi minimum tensile strength, the steel in DECRA shingles is strong enough to resist the most extreme weather, yet can be molded to fit the profile of most home structures.
  4. Basecoat – The adhesive bonding the stone and steel, the basecoat reinforces the corrosion-resistance of the aluminum-zinc coating.
  5. Ceramic-Coated Stone Granules – These protect the steel from UV light and water. Various colors available to complement your home’s color theme.
  6. Overglaze – This tough final coating adds resistance to the physical elements and helps the stone granules adhere to the steel plate.

Quality Roofing Shingles and Quality InstallationReplacement Stone Roof

A quality roofing job starts with quality shingles, and shingles don’t come much better than DECRA shingles. Our roofing installers are up to speed with the factory-approved guidelines for installing this roofing system, and we back our work with the best supplemental warranties in the business—ranging from 10-year coverage plans to lifetime protection.

How Long Does a DECRA Roof Last?

DECRA has a minimum 50-year service life, and they carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty (which includes extreme conditions like 120 mph winds, hail penetration, and manufacturing defects). DECRA’s warranty covers material and labor for the first 20 years, afterward it covers only material costs.

Can DECRA Roofing Be Installed Over An Existing Roof?

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, yes. Ideally, you would have only one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof. The existing shingles should not be excessively cupped or deteriorating.

The best way to find out if your roof is a candidate for a reroof with DECRA roofing is to schedule a free inspection. Our Green Bay roofers will let you know what your best option is and provide a free quote for the work.



Top 10 Roofing Questions

to ask before you hire a roofer

  1. Does your company have a current license, workman's comp, and liability coverage? All 3 should be a YES, and don't forget to ask for proof of each.
  2. Can you provide me with references in my area? A great way to look into a roofing company is to talk with their references; go see the work they have done.
  3. Is there a deposit? What are the terms of payment for the roofing system installed?
  4. What is the time frame before you can start the work? What is time frame for competition once you do start the work?
  5. If a re-roofing permit is required in my area, who is responsible for obtaining the permit?
  6. In the event that your equipment, or supplier's equipment should damage my property, who is liable?
  7. Do you hire sub-contractors for this work? If so, what are their names and license numbers? If contractor does hire sub-contractors it is very important to obtain the certificate of insurance from that sub-contractor so you are not held liable for any accident that may occur on the job.
  8. Who will haul away the old roofing material or project waste?
  9. Are you a current member of any local or national roofing associations?
  10. Do you require I do anything specific to prepare my home before the re-roofing project?

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