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Aluminum Siding Installation in Green Bay

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Opting for aluminum siding depends on your preferences, geographical location, and possibly even your neighborhood association. Aluminum siding is ideal for colder climates – the best siding for Wisconsin winters. Call our Green Bay siding contractors for a free quote today and let’s get started on your home project!


Aluminum Siding Color & Texture Styles

Overhead Solutions offers dozens of different aluminum siding options, including color and texture. Selecting the right siding doesn’t have to be complicated – our home siding contractors will help you determine the best option with the best price.


Our aluminum siding texture mimics that of wood – giving your home the traditional style without the disadvantages of wood. We also carry a heavier woodgrain, along with a smooth option for a more contemporary look.


Overheard Solutions provides an endless variety of color options, carefully matched with your current home color scheme, or can be custom-made to fit your new palette. Whether you go with a soft green hue or a creamy beige, our siding experts will help you select the best color for your home.

Aluminum siding is a great choice for weather durability, color variety, and overall lifespan. With our professional siding installation services, your home will look like new – for years to come!

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Light brown aluminum siding on a home in Wisconsin


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