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Cedar Siding Installation in Green Bay

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Cedar siding installation adds natural elegance to Wisconsin homes

Cedar siding is often found on historic and high-end homes in Wisconsin. Used for its distinctive look, cedar siding is naturally fortified to withstand harsh weather and provides effective insulation.

Overhead Solutions installs cedar siding in Brown County, Door County, and throughout Wisconsin. We offer a range of stunning stains, paints, and finishes to protect the natural beauty of the wood and complement the style of your home.

The maintenance and cost of cedar siding in Wisconsin

There’s a reason cedar siding is frequently found on high-end homes. Cedar siding costs more than vinyl siding and other common siding materials. The overall cost of cedar siding depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • The square footage of your home
  • The style of your siding, such as tongue and groove, layered bevel, or western red cedar
  • Sealant and finish
  • Maintenance requirements

It’s common for cedar siding to require mildew removal products, extra caulking, and re-staining to maintain its attractive appearance and performance over the years. Our Wisconsin contractors have the expertise to keep your cedar siding looking as beautiful as it was on the day we installed it. Tell us more about your home and we’ll give you a free quote on your cedar siding installation anywhere in Wisconsin.

Cedar Shake Siding


Custom cedar siding on a home in Green Bay

Our Green Bay siding contractors offer expertise and outstanding workmanship

Overhead Solutions works with you to select the best siding for your home or business. Our Green Bay exterior contractors have extensive knowledge of siding styles and materials, including:

We use premium siding materials from trusted manufacturers to guarantee long-term durability. Our Wisconsin siding installation professionals help protect your investment by completing every job to match material and warranty requirements.

Contact the Wisconsin siding contractors at Overhead Solutions and let’s get started on your siding project today.

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