Insurance Info for Roof Repairs

Wind, hail, and heavy rain can damage shingles making them frail or causing holes. This damages the integrity of your roofing system and makes your roof susceptible to leaks. Assuming that your roof is okay because there is no visible damage can be a huge mistake. Most damage is not visible from the ground or noticeable to the untrained eye. Call the insurance claim professionals at Overhead Solutions, Inc. for a complementary storm inspection.

What we do for you:

  • We advise you on what is needed to restore the integrity of your home's exterior either through repair or complete replacement of the damaged systems.
  • We will help answer questions from the insurance company. You make the initial call to your insurance agent, give them our information, and we do the rest.
  • We will work with your insurance company so that the only expense you have to pay is your deductible. See below why we cannot cover your deductible.

Insurance Claims 101

Things you should know when filing an insurance claim:

You generally have 12 months, or less, from the date of loss to file a claim with your insurance company. Click here for a free inspection.
You are not required to get 3 estimates from 3 different contractors! Most insurance companies will tell you to get estimates so they can choose the one with the lowest price to do your work. This means you may not get the contractor that you feel most comfortable with or the one who does the best quality work. You can choose which contractor you would like to use from the start.
The price of your roof is already predetermined based on a third party estimating software that determines a "fair market value" for your area. This software is used by your insurance company and many contractors alike.
If you feel that your claim doesn't quite add up, don't worry we can help. Overhead Solutions, Inc. is here to answer all of your questions and insure that your property is fully restored. It's our job to make the claims process as easy and stress-free as possible.
Unless your upgrading the quality of your material, your deductible should be your only out of pocket expense.
Your insurance rates should not increase due to a "natural disaster" such as a wind or hail storm.