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Wisconsin Rubber Roofing Contractors

Commercial roof installation deals with the exterior of the roofing system and focuses on the material used to protect your property. Installing rubber roofing on commercial property by the most trusted roofing professionals in Wisconsin means your property or business will be protected by the highest grade of rubber material.

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Why Install a Rubber Roof

  • Lower Cost - Not only is the roofing material itself less expensive than most other choices, but the product is also lightweight, and installation is fast and easy, reducing labor and installation costs.
  • Longevity - Most of these roofs can be laid in very few pieces, sometimes even one, which means there are very few to no seams. This leads to fewer chances of allowing any leakage to seep under the roof.
  • Simple Repairs - In the event the roof were to have a leak, all that is usually needed is a tube of liquid rubber or a roll of tape specifically made for rubber repairs. Annual performance checks included in your warranty will assure you never pay a dime for repairs after installation.
  • Energy Efficiency - Rubber roofing can reflect the sun’s UV rays, and serves as a strong insulator, saving money on both A/C and heating costs throughout the course of its life.
  • Eco-Friendly - Rubber roofs are almost entirely made of recyclable material, and at the end of its multi-decade life, will be 100% recyclable.
  • Safety - Rubber is fire resistant, can withstand strong winds, and even repel hail up to 3 inches in diameter.

There are countless benefits when you choose rubber roofing to protect your commercial property. The commercial roofers at Overhead Solutions have years of experience installing rubber roofing on businesses, condominiums, churches and more across Northern Wisconsin.

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Your new roof will also be backed by an industry-leading warranty program ranging from 10 years to a lifetime of coverage. When you choose Overhead Solutions, you get free annual roof inspections to make sure your roof maintains peak performance.

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We had our flat top roof replaced by Overhead. It was done quickly, when a problem arose, they consulted both us and Paul the owner for the best solution, and cleaned up the whole yard after. We did have a leak since due to our unusual roof drain and they returned and fixed it immediately under warrantee. We will definitely recommend their service.

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