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Malarkey Shingle Installation in Green Bay

Overhead Solutions Offers Designer, Architectural & 3-Tab Shingles from Malarkey

The Green Bay roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions know a roof is more than just asphalt shingles. In order to have the strongest possible protection for your home, a secure roofing system is a necessity. Malarkey provides a selection of residential roofing products that add support to their already durable shingles. From roof decks, underlayment and field shingles to hip and ridge shingles, Overhead Solutions has the experience necessary to properly perform any Green Bay roof installation

Overhead Solutions uses high-quality products like Malarkey shingles when performing Green Bay roof repairs. For an extensive range of roofing options that meet the needs of any budget, Overhead Solutions offers Malarkey shingles in their designer Windsor, 3 different of architectural styles and Dura-Seal 3-tab shingles.

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Upgrade the Look of Your Home with Windsor & Windsor XL Designer Shingles

The high-quality shingles mimic the look of traditional cedar shake and will elevate the look of your home. Malarkey XL options are 20% thicker than other shingles, offering more insulation and protection from the elements. Between the Windsor and Windsor XL shingles, there are over 10 different color options available. Both versions have a class 4 impact resistance giving your roof the highest rated protection on the market.

Laminated Architectural Shingles for Durable Wisconsin Roofs

Malarkey offers their architectural shingles in four styles; Vista, Highlander, Legacy and Legacy XL. The Legacy lines are fortified with durable Flexor polymer, which increases flexibility and granule adhesion. With a class 4 impact resistance, you’re guaranteed the highest protection from extreme weather available. This line comes with the option for Scotchgard Protector from 3M for better protection against black streaks caused by algae, keeping your roof looking its best for longer.

Malarkey’s Vista line comes with 10 color choices and is fortified with Nexgen polymer to increase granule adhesion and protection from the weather. The Highlander line is traditional roofing asphalt with the option to add protection against algae growth. The granules on the shingles retain their color and stay adhered for longer, protecting your roof from damaging UV rays.

Dura-Seal 3-Tab Shingles Provide Homeowners with Economical Roofing Solutions

Like the Vista line, Dura-Seal is made with sustainable Nexgen asphalt and the option for added protection against algae staining. With a Class 4 impact resistance rating, Malarkey’s 3-Tab shingles offer the highest protection from the elements.

Quality Malarkey Roofing Options Provided by Overhead Solutions

Our Green Bay roofing experts know a quality roof should last at least 50 years, even in Wisconsin’s harsh weather. Find a roof style and material that fits the architecture and look of your home within your budget with the help of our roofing professionals. We can walk you through the pros and cons of each brand, style and material we offer so you can make a decision you’ll be happy looking at for the next 50 years.

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