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Cedar Shake Roofing

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Cedar Shake Roofing in Northeast Wisconsin

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Wisconsin homeowners choose cedar shake shingles for their beauty and durability. Cedar roofing is naturally fortified to withstand strong winds, heavy rains, snow and hail without weathering. The Green Bay roofing professionals at Overhead Solutions have completed stunning cedar shake roof installations in Brown County and across Wisconsin. We also offer affordable roofing financing plans.

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What Green Bay Homeowners Need to Know About Cedar Shake Roofing

A cedar shake roof is one of the most eco-friendly roofing materials you can choose because they’re entirely recyclable. In addition to lasting at least 10 years longer than asphalt shingles, they also look better and insulate better. For many homeowners, their extended lifespan makes them worth the higher cost.

Besides the higher initial cost, the only drawback to cedar roofing is the maintenance required. Moss, mold and mildew tend to grow on cedar shake, especially if the roof is shaded from the sun most of the day. We can apply treatments to inhibit the spore growth, but cedar shake roofs will still require cleaning from time to time.

Overhead Solutions does free yearly roof inspections on every roof we install. Rest assured if your cedar shake roof ever needs repair or cleaning, we’ll get the job done right.

Is there a difference between a shake and a shingle?

Although the terms “shake” and “shingle” are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. Cedar shingles are sawn on both sides and thinner at the butt than a shake, while a typical shake is split on one or both sides. There are exceptions, though, specifically: taper sawn shakes can be sawn on both sides, depending on how they’re made and their dimensions. Although shakes are made by hand, most manufacturers use power tools. There are two sizes of shakes: “medium” shakes measure a nominal ½" at the butt, while “heavy” shakes measure ¾" at the butt.

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Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Natural cedar shake roofing gets old and deteriorates like any other roofing material. Overhead Solutions offers professional cedar shake roof repair in Green Bay. Common issues prompting cedar roof repairs include: 

  • Cedar Shingle Splitting - As natural wood, cedar expands and contracts in different weather. This causes shingles to split, crack, and buckle. Overhead Solutions inserts metal shims underneath cracked cedar shake to prevent leaks and further damage
  • Cedar Roof Discoloration - Cedar shingles receive treatments to prevent excess discoloration from sun and weather. Even so, after several years your cedar roof will experience some discoloration. Contact Overhead Solutions for color treatments.  

At Overhead Solutions, our experienced Wisconsin roofers carefully install and repair roofs to all material and workmanship warranty standards. Every time you hire our roofing company, you’re making an investment in your roof’s performance. We offer warranties ranging from 10 years of coverage to lifetime protection on all roofing jobs. If you are in need of emergency roof repair, call us at 920-490-9100!

Green Bay Cedar Shake Roof Repair
Green Bay Cedar Shake Roof Installation

Cedar Shake Roof Installation

Overhead Solutions installs cedar shake roofing on new and existing homes in Green Bay and surrounding counties. Cedar shake shingles outperform asphalt shingles when it comes to durability, insulation and energy efficiency. With twice the natural insulation of asphalt, installing a cedar shake roof can lower the energy costs for your home.

Our roofing contractors work with you to install a cedar shake roof - keeping within your style and budget. We use top-quality cedar shake shingles from leading manufacturers to extend the life of your roof and guarantee maximum performance. Contact our Wisconsin cedar shake installation team for a free quote now!

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Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

Whether you need to replace part or all of your cedar shake roof you can trust the roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions. We replace cedar shake roofs across Wisconsin. Replacing your current roof with a cedar shake roof is an eco-friendly way to protect your home for years. Cedar shake shingles can easily last 30 years or more in Green Bay's climate, which is 10 years longer than asphalt. This extended lifespan makes cedar shake worth the cost and requires little maintenance.

Regular cedar shake roofing inspections help prevent the growth of moss, mildew, and mold. This can be especially common for lake homes in Door County, Kewaunee County and other counties located near lakes or rivers. We can apply treatments and preservatives to your roof - keeping your shingles free of unwanted spore growth. Our Green Bay roofing contractors perform yearly roof inspections on every roof we install – FOR FREE. If your cedar shake roof needs repairs, we’ll get the job done right.

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Cedar Shake Roofing Contractors in Green Bay, WI
Cedar Shake Roofing Replacement

Can Cedar Shake Roofing Be Installed Over An Existing Roof?

It depends. If you have only one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof and they are not excessively cupped or deteriorating, it’s possible to install split or rough-sawn cedar shake shingles over your asphalt shingles. This requires installing a ventilating underlayment or a layer of battens, however, which adds to both the labor and materials cost.

What about installing cedar shake shingles over an existing wood shingle roof? We usually recommend against this because of the irregular surface and the impracticality of nailing through two layers of shakes. It’s almost always better to reroof (i.e. remove all the existing shingles and install new ones over the underlayment. In some cases, though, it may be possible to install new cedar shake shingles over an existing cedar shake roof, provided the existing shingles aren’t curled or deteriorated too much.

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