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Steps to Repairing Your Roof After Storm Damage

Overhead Solutions helps you make roof insurance claims for wind, heavy rain, hail and other storm damage. Our Green Bay roofing contractors have experience working with Wisconsin insurance providers to get you the best claim possible.

  1. Take photos and videos of the storm damage for evidence.
  2. Choose an experienced, local roofing contractor to inspect your roof and give you an estimate.
  3. If the damage repair will be more than your deductible, file an insurance claim.
  4. Meet with an insurance adjuster to quote the damage.
  5. Once the quote is approved by the insurance company, receive the insurance check.
  6. Hire a roofing contractor to repair your roof.
  7. Pay your deductible – only the deductible. The insurance company claim will take care of the rest.
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Overhead Solutions Offers Free Roof Inspections in WI

Having an experienced roofing contractor check your roof after storms can help uncover and repair the damage before leaks or other problems occur. Even if your roof does not appear damaged, harsh weather can weaken shingles and compromise the performance and longevity of your roof.

Overhead Solutions offers free roof inspections in Wisconsin to assess storm damage. Our Green Bay roofers evaluate the condition of your roof, develop the most effective repair strategy and provide an estimate for your insurance company.

Speedy Roof Repair for Every Roof in Northern Wisconsin

We don't mean to brag, but Overhead Solutions performs the best roof repair in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin. Seriously, no one repairs more roofs or works with more materials than we do. We start every roof repair job with a thorough assessment to determine the most effective repair strategy for long-term results. No matter the amount of damage done to your roof, our residential roof repair team will restore it to peak performance. Our certified Green Bay roofers are experienced in installing all types of roof materials to ensure your repair blends seamlessly with your existing roof. We have the expertise to repair any type of residential roofing materials, including:

Emergency roof repair services in Northern Wisconsin

Storms won’t wait for business hours.

Debris, hail, heavy rain or wind can cause unexpected roof damage in any season. Overhead Solutions knows that when it comes to your home’s roof, the faster you get it assessed and repaired, the less it will cost you. When you need immediate roof repairs, contact our Wisconsin roofers.

At Overhead Solutions, we offer 24/7 emergency roof repair services in Wisconsin. We don’t waste time with answering machines – we’ll connect you directly to the owner to make sure you get the emergency roof repairs you need.

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Wisconsin Roof Storm Damage & Insurance Claims FAQ

How much do I pay out of pocket for a roof repair?

Only pay your deductible. Overhead Solutions completes all insurance roof repair in Wisconsin with excellent workmanship and materials. We work with your insurance company, so you only have to pay your deductible.

Do I need estimates from 3 different contractors?

No, submitting estimates from 3 roofing contractors means your insurance company will choose the company with the lowest price to do your repair work. the lowest price doesn't always mean the best quality. You can choose your preferred roofing contractor from the start by getting a free roof inspection and estimate form Overhead Solutions.

How is the price of my roof determined?

Most insurance companies and roofing contractors use a third party software system to calculate the fair market value for your roof. the software takes into consideration the age of your roof and your location?

Do I have to pay my deductible for a roofing damage insurance claim?

Yes, you do, and that's all you'll pay. Beware roofing companies who claim to cover your deductible for insurance roof repairs. These companies are breaking Wisconsin law by submitting an inflated invoice to your insurance company and giving you the correct invoice. Overhead Solutions covers everything except your deductible to protect our Green Bay Roofing company - and you from insurance fraud.