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Overhead Solutions offers roof replacement in the Green Bay, WI area. Our goal is to make your roof replacement process as seamless as possible. With 10,000+ roof replacements under our belt, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service and fastest turnaround times in Northeastern Wisconsin. No roof replacement is too complicated for our expert team of contractors.

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Green Bay Roof Replacement Company

When it’s time to reroof your house, don’t settle for roofing contractors with limited design and material options. At Overhead Solutions, we make sure you receive a high-quality roof to match your home’s or business’s unique style within budget.

Our roof replacement services include:

Whether you want to replace your metal roof with shingles or your shingle roof with tiles, our professional roofing contractors have you covered. Contact us for a free roof inspection and free quote.

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Our Roof Replacement Process

  1. Plan: Our roof replacement team will sit down with you and help you choose your roofing material, color, and project start date.
  2. Tear off the old roof: Roof removal starts with covering garden beds, patios, and anything that could be damaged by falling debris. We start by stripping the roof of existing shingles using a fork or shovel to pull out nails and dislodge the shingles from the roof deck. Once the roof deck is completely clear of old nails, we’ll add a felt underlayment for added moisture protection.
  3. Install roof flashing: Next, we’ll install drip-proof flashing on the eaves, roof valleys, and around any chimneys or skylights.
  4. Install replacement shingles: Next, we’ll install replacement shingles. Shingles start at the eaves and overlap with the peaks of the roof. Tabs are staggered, with each nail being covered by the shingle above.
  5. Clean up: Once we’re finished with your roof replacement, we’ll lift all tarps and clean up any debris, including old shingles and stray nails. After a final inspection, your roof is ready for decades to come!


When is it time to replace your roof?

A roof should be replaced at least every 20 years. If your roof has reached maturity, contact Overhead Solutions for a free roof inspection. Common signs of roof aging include: shingle edges are curled, shingles have bald spots of missing granules, shingles are cracked, dark streaks of algae, or moss is growing under shingles.

What will a roof replacement cost me?

The cost of tearing off and replacing a roof in Green Bay varies depending on: the material you choose, the structure of your roof (the peak, pitch, etc), & the square footage of your roof. Professionals charge between $5,000 and $12,000 for a residential roof replacement. Many homeowners opt to "save money" by choosing unprofessional roofers who often use cheap materials and hiring inexperienced roofers.

Will a roof replacement increase my home’s value?

Yes! According to a 2022 cost vs. value report, replacing your old roof adds an average of $18,780 to your home’s value.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Typically, roof replacements take about two days, but it depends on the size and complexity of your roof. We pride ourselves on having the fastest turnaround times in Green Bay, so we’ll do our best to ensure minimal disruption to your home and family.

Is it OK to put a new roof over an old roof?

It is never recommended to install a new roof without removing the old one first. Doing so can create more problems down the road and will make your next roof replacement twice as difficult and expensive.

Overhead Solutions did a great job. Paul and his team are very professional. They actually were able to do the job a few days before they were scheduled to start. They completed the roof replacement in one day. They did a great job of cleaning up every nail and every bit of debris. They came out a few days later for final review of work. I highly recommend this company.

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