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Roofing Installation, Repairs & Replacement in Fond du Lac County

Overhead Solutions employs the best Fond du Lac County roofers around - period.

We offer warrantied roofing services like:

To get a hold of us for your emergency roof repair, contact us at 920-490-9100.

We repair, install and replace all common types of roofing like asphalt shingles, DECRA roofing, metal roofing, commercial roofing, cedar shake roofing and more. Businesses and homeowners alike trust Overhead to provide professional roofing all across Fond du Lac County. All of our projects, from a simple repair to entire roof installations, are completed according to stringent manufacturer specifications. Our service is always backed by manufacturer warranties and a satisfaction guarantee.

The Roof You Want, At A Price You Can Afford 

If you're under a tight budget, we offer 12-month, interest-free installment payment plans and third-party financing options for most of our roofing services. Our sales reps will work with you to find the best plan. 

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Fond du Lac County roofing installation & repair services
Emergency roof repairs for Fond du Lac County

Fon Du Lac homeowners don't need to worry about a trip to the building permit office!

At Overhead Solutions, we prioritize making your roofing project as stress-free as possible. We handle all the details, paperwork, applications, fees, red tape, etc for you. After all, we've been to the Fond Du Lac permitting office before and know what to expect. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. That's what we're here for!

Fond du Lac permitting office:

160 South Macy Street,

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935

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Warrantied Roofs for Homes & Businesses

Whether you live near Lake Winnebago, in the rolling hills near Kettle Moraine State Forest, or in downtown Fond du Lac, your roof is exposed to ice dams, UV light and mold growth that can destroy it over time. Overhead Solutions provides quality workmanship for new roof installations and repairs throughout Fond du Lac County. Our professional Green Bay roofing contractors use a wide range of quality shingles and materials from top manufacturers to ensure long-term energy-efficiency and durability.

Overhead Solutions serves residents throughout Fond Du Lac County, including:

We provide roofing services for all Fond du Lac County zip codes: 53010, 53019, 53049, 53057, 53065, 53079, 53919, 53931, 54932, 54935, 54936, 54937, 54971, 54974, 54979

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Fond du Lac County Roofing Company
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