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Your home is probably the single biggest investment you own, so it's understandable to want the best. When it comes to roofing contractors in Kewaunee County, Overhead Solutions stands out for quality workmanship, quality products, and an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. All roofing work is done to manufacturer specifications, and we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee--if you're not completely happy with the job we do, you won't pay until you're satisfied.

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Do Kewaunee County homeowners need to obtain a permit for roof replacements?

Yes, Kewaunee County residents are required to acquire a permit for roof replacements. Per the "Forms and Documents" page on the Kewaunee County's website. 

For more information contact Jamie Annoye the Kewaunee County Clerk at (920) 388-7133.

Kewaunee County Homeowners, no need to worry about going to the building permit office!

That's our job! At Overhead Solutions, it's our goal to make your roofing project as stress-free as possible. That's why we'll take care of any paperwork, applications, red tape, costs, etc associated with your building you don't have to. Our experience is at your disposal. So let us do the work! That's what we're here for. We've been down to get building permits in Kewaunee County many times and know exactly how to get around:

Kewaunee County Permit Office
625 Third Street, Luxemburg WI 54217

12-Month Interest Free Financing 

If you need emergency roofing work and weren't expecting it, we offer a wide range of installment payment plans and financing options that won't break the bank. Speak with one of our sales reps to find a plan that works best for you. Also, give us a call if you need to get a hold of us at 920-490-9100.

Overhead Solutions Green Bay roofing company repairs, installs and replaces all types of roofing--asphalt shingles, DECRA roofing, metal roofing, commercial roofing, cedar shake roofing and more.

Kewaunee County Roofing Company

There are plenty of roofers in Kewaunee County, so why choose us? In a word: Commitment. How many other roofing companies have the owner of the company out on job sites? Paul Collins is hands-on with every job, and we never hire out work to subcontractors. Our licensed & bonded, manufacturer-certified roofing crew does all the work on roofing jobs.

We're more than just a roofing company, though. We also offer siding repair, siding installation, window installation and even gutter services. All work is completed to manufacturer specs and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. When we're done working on your home, it will look better than ever.

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We serve homeowners and businesses in: 54201, 54205, 54216 & 54217