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Roof Financing in Green Bay & Northeastern Wisconsin

Overhead Solutions is a roofing contractor in Green Bay with financing options available for homeowners and businesses. We offer four affordable roof loan options in Wisconsin through our financing partner, Synchrony. Choose the option best for your budget!

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4 Roof Financing Options With Synchrony Financing Logo

6-Month 0% Interest Loan

6-month financing plan with 0% interest if paid off within 6 months.

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12-Month 0% Interest Loan

12-month financing plan with 0% interest if paid off within 12 months.

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18-Month 0% Interest Loan

18-month financing plan with 0% interest if paid off within 18 months.

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Fixed Rate Financing

9.99% APR with fixed monthly payments until the project amount is paid in full.

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Deferred Interest Loan Details

The deferred interest loan option is available in 6, 12, and 18-month repayment terms with 0% interest. If the purchase amount is not paid in full within the selected repayment term, monthly interest will be charged to the account. After the deferment period, you are required to make fixed monthly payments equivalent to 2.50% of the highest balance applicable to the purchase amount until the balance is paid in full.

*On qualifying purchases with your Synchrony Bank Credit Card. $29 Account Activation fee may apply.

Fixed Rate Financing Details

The fixed rate financing option has a 9.99% APR with fixed monthly payments equivalent to 1.25% of the purchased amount until paid in full. The estimated payoff period for fixed rate financing is 132 months (11 years).

*On qualifying purchases with your Synchrony Bank Credit Card. $29 Account Activation fee may apply.

Average Roof Financing Payments in Wisconsin

CityEst. Pay-In-Full CostEst. 6-Month PaymentEst. 12-Month PaymentEst. 18-Month Payment
Green Bay, WI $11,462 - $21,572 $1,910 - $3,595 $955 - $1,797 $637 - $1,199
Appleton, WI $12,339 - $22,915 $2,057 - $3,819 $1,030 - $1,910 $687 - $1,273
De Pere, WI $12,915 - $23,499 $2,153 - $3,917 $1,077 - $1,958 $718 - $1,306
Fond du Lac, WI $10,307 - $22,220 $1,718 - $3,704 $859 - $1,850 $573 - $1,234
Oshkosh, WI $10,127 - $23,214 $1,688 - $3,869 $844 - $1,934 $563 - $1,290
Neenah, WI $11,750 - $24,773 $1,958 - $4,129 $979 - $2,065 $653 - $1,376
Sturgeon Bay, WI $11,911 - $25,052 $1,985 - $4,175 $993 - $2,086 $662 - $1,392

The roof financing data above considers the average cost of roof replacement in each Wisconsin city based on average roof sizes. For the most precise and tailored information on roof financing options, consult the specialists at Overhead Solutions.

What is a Roof Loan?

A roof loan offers financial assistance to homeowners or property owners who need funds for repairing, replacing, or installing a new roof. This specific type of loan covers costs like materials and labor involved in roofing projects and often involves structured repayment plans with affordable monthly installments.

Benefits of Roof Financing

  • Roofing When You NEED It: No need to stress about having the money right now. Repair or replace your roof when it really needs it—get it done now, pay for it later.
  • Affordable Payments: Instead of paying a big chunk all at once, spread out the cost of your roofing job into manageable monthly payments that fit your budget better.
  • Protect Your Savings: Paying all at once can eat into your savings. Financing lets you keep money aside for unexpected needs, making it easier to finish your roofing project without stressing about money.
  • Build Credit: Making payments on time not only helps your roof stay in good shape but also improves your credit score, which is good for your overall financial health.
benefits of financing a roof

Roof Financing Payment Methods

At Overhead Solutions, Green Bay area roofing customers have the flexibility to make payments on their roof loans through three convenient payment options: Check, Debit Card or Cash

Other Ways to Pay for Roofing in Green Bay, WI


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