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Green Bay Roof Repair

Roof Repair for Every Type of Roofing Material

Not to brag, but Overhead Solutions performs the best roof repair in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin. Seriously, no one repairs more roofs or works with more types of materials than we do. Starting every roof repair job with a thorough assessment to determine the most effective repair strategy for long-term results. No matter the amount of damage done to your roof, our residential roof repair team will restore it to peak performance. Our certified roofers are experienced in installing all types of roof materials to ensure your repair blends seamlessly with your existing roof. Overhead Solutions has the expertise to repair any type of residential roofing materials.

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Residential Roof Repair Experts

Roof damage can negatively impact the value of your home and threaten your tenants' safety. Don’t wait for the roof to get worse – contact the residential roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions. Warranties offered:

Worried a roof repair will cost you valuable business hours? 90% of our roofing jobs take less than two days. Overhead Solutions’ roofing teams are organized, efficient and clean allowing you to stay open during our repairs. Our licensed roofers understand the importance of safe, clean entryways and surrounding areas. Meticulously cleaning up debris and metal from your roof repair. If your roof repair was completed in the winter, count on us coming back in spring once the snow melts to ensure nothing was missed.

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When is it Time to Repair your Roof?

A simple repair now can help prevent costly renovations down the road.

Contact Overhead Solutions for a free estimate if you notice any of the following:

These may not seem like enough damage for a roof repair job, but a couple of cracked or buckling shingles can result in severe water damage in your home and can even lead to dangerous mold. Keep you and your home safe from the elements with an affordable roof repair from Overhead Solutions.

Emergency roof repair services in Brown County

Storms won’t wait for business hours.

Debris, hail, heavy rain or wind can cause unexpected roof damage. When it comes to your home’s roof, the faster you get it assessed and repaired, the less it will cost you. When you need immediate roof repairs, contact our Brown County roofers.

At Overhead Solutions, Offering 24/7 emergency roof repair services in Wisconsin. Time isn't wasted on answering machines – you'll be connected directly to the owner to make sure you get the emergency roof repairs you need. Call 920-490-9100 for roof repairs that can't wait until tomorrow.

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Residential Roof Repair in Northern Wisconsin

We discovered a leak somewhere in our roof. We were under time pressure because we were selling our house and the closing was less than 2 weeks away. Paul came out and checked the roof to determine exactly where the leak was occurring. He identified the location and scheduled a time a few days later to make the repair. When the weather turned too inclement to make the repair he and his team worked on a Saturday to quickly repair the leaking area. They were very efficient and thorough. They fully cleaned up the area on the roof and the ground. When they departed there was no trace they had been there other than the fact that the roof no longer leaked. I wish I had known about this company when we had our roof replaced a few years earlier due to hail damage. I probably would not have had this problem to deal with. Great company to work with!

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