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Storm Damage Roof Repair in Green Bay Wisconsin

Severe storms can wreak havoc on your roof. Overhead Solutions provides reliable inspections and roof storm damage repair services in Green Bay and the surrounding areas in Wisconsin. Whether you have a roof leak, missing shingles from heavy wind, or any other type of storm damage, we can help. We work directly with your insurance company for roof insurance claims! Contact us for your free roof inspection and repair quote.

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Causes of Roof Storm Damage in Green Bay

Green Bay residents know Northern Wisconsin is no stranger to severe weather. All cheeseheads need to be aware of the dangers common weather events in Wisconsin can pose for the integrity of their roofs. Common Wisconsin storms to look out for include:

Snow Damage Roof Repair Contractor in Green Bay, WI

Snow & Ice

  Hail roof damage repair services in Geen Bay


Green Bay heavy rain roof damage repair contractors

Heavy Rain

high wind roof damage repair company in green bay

High Winds

Common Roof Damage From Severe Storms in Green Bay, WI

Severe weather can wreak havoc on roofs, leading to both obvious and hidden issues. Even seemingly minor damage can quickly escalate, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. Recognizing signs of storm-related wear is crucial for preventing such problems. After inclement weather, it's important to be on the lookout for common types of roof damage caused by Green Bay storms:

cracked shingles icon

Cracked, Torn, & Missing Shingles: Severe storms can damage shingles by cracking them into pieces, tearing their edges, or completely dislodging them. Any visible damage undermines the roof’s waterproofing and warrants prompt inspection and replacement to maintain full storm protection.

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Dents & Impact Marks: Storms can dent metal roofs or leave black impact marks on asphalt from hail or debris. Though they may seem like mild issues, these marks can worsen over time and lead to larger problems if not inspected and repaired as needed.

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Granule Loss: Storms can wear away the mineral granules on asphalt shingles, causing dark spots and patches where the underlying asphalt is exposed. Extensive granule loss seriously undermines the roof’s protection against rain, hail, and UV rays, even if the shingle structure remains intact.

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Weakened Shingle Seals: Storms can deteriorate the sealant strips on asphalt shingles, causing them to detach and lift more easily in high winds. Any visible loose or movable shingles indicate seal failure and the need for urgent repairs to prevent further and more serious damage.

Insurance Claims for Roof Storm Damage

If a storm causes damage to your roof like cracked shingles, leaks, or other damage beyond your control, your insurance may help pay for repairs or replacement.

3 Tips for Filing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

  1. Record the storm date and local weather reports showing the damaging conditions. 
  2. Take photos and videos showing all roof problems from different angles. Document all issues thoroughly for your roof insurance claim
  3. Get a repair estimate from Overhead Solutions. Insurers may suggest using their preferred roof repair company near Green Bay, but the final choice is always up to you.

Severe Storms in the Green Bay Area Since 2000

  • 2002 Labor Day Tornadoes
  • 2004 Tornadoes in Fox Cities
  • 2007 Northeast Wisconsin Tornado Outbreak
  • 2011 Record-breaking April Tornado Outbreak
  • 2015 Baseball-Sized Hail in Green Bay
  • 2019 Green Bay Tornado
  • 2021 Outagamie County Tornado

Why Choose Overhead for Storm Damage Roof Repair

Turn to Overhead Solutions for high-quality roof repairs in Green Bay after storms. Our skilled technicians uphold the highest standards to go above and beyond expectations. We pledge to provide an unmatched service experience and outstanding results.

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