Roof Leak Repair

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Roof Leak Repair in Wisconsin

A good roof will last you for decades, but eventually the freeze/thaw cycle, storms, and old age will create weaknesses. A common symptom of deteriorating roofing, is water leaking into your attic, or even into your living area.

Although roof leaks can develop anywhere, the most common places are:

  • Near dormers
  • Along seams
  • Around chimneys
  • Around vent pipes
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Roof Leaks Repaired in Wisconsin
Overhead Solutions Fixes Roofs that Leak After Heavy Rain

Roof Leak Costs Are Minimized By Early Detection & Quick Action

Very few people have money laying around for roof repairs, but once you notice water leaking through your roof it’s important not to procrastinate. Once the leak starts it will only get worse. While the leak gets bigger, the moisture it’s letting in will begin breeding mold & mildew, damaging the structure of your house, and opening the door for a whole host of additional problems.

Overhead Solutions offers financing and payment plans to help you take care of your roof leak problem before it turns into a catastrophic issue.

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