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Winter Roof Leak & Ice Dam Repair In the Green Bay area

In Northeastern Wisconsin, including Green Bay and the Fox Valley, winter weather can lead to roof leaks and damage caused by ice dams and snow. Overhead Solutions specializes in expert ice dam and winter roof leak repair. Our winter roof repair team will promptly inspect your roof and gutters for ice damming and leaks, providing on-site estimates for roof repair or replacement. Contact us to get started!

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4 Causes of Roof Leaks in the Winter

  1. Ice Dams
    Ice dams prevent proper gutter drainage, allowing melting snow to pool on roofs. The pooled water can leak through cracks and gaps in roofing. 
  2. Heavy Snow Buildup
    Large amounts of snow and freezing temperatures create considerable weight on roofs. The extra stress can lead to leaks. 
  3. Freeze-Thaw Cycles
    Frequent freeze-thaw cycles in Wisconsin gradually weaken roofing materials through the repeated expansion and contraction of shingles. This can eventually result in leaking. 
  4. Inadequate Ventilation
    Temperature variances between attics and interiors cause moisture buildup if ventilation is poor. The condensation promotes mold growth and leaks.

What are Ice Dams? 

Ice dams are built-up barriers of ice along the edges of roofs, preventing proper drainage of melted snow. The formation of ice dams occurs when accumulated snow on the roof combines with heat escaping from the home, causing the upper regions of the roof to remain above 32°F while the lower sections remain below freezing. If you notice ice dams on your roof, contact Overhead Solutions to prevent or stop leaks, ceiling collapses, and indoor mold growth. 

Common Signs you have ice damming:

  • Icicles on roof icon
    Icicles on roof
    and gutter edges
  • Built-up ice icon
    Ice accumulation
    along exterior walls
  • Water damage icon
    Interior water damage
    from leaks
  • Drainage issues icon
    Poor gutter
  • Melted snow icon
    Snow melting only on
    the upper roof

Common Ice Dam Damage

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Ice Damage?

Homeowners insurance will sometimes pay for damage resulting from extreme winter weather caused by substantial snow and ice accumulation. However, damage due to long-term wear, improper upkeep, or existing damage is often excluded from coverage. It’s recommended you contact your insurance provider to verify if ice-related damages are covered by your specific policy. 

Can You Repair a Roof in the Winter?

Yes. Most roofing problems can be properly fixed throughout the cold months to maintain the roof’s protective abilities and avoid added damage. Don’t put off any necessary roof repairs until spring if issues arise during winter. Contact Overhead Solutions right away for a free estimate on winter roof repairs. 

How Green Bay Homeowners Can Prevent Ice Dams

Controlling heat loss from your home is the most effective way to prevent ice dams in the Green Bay area. Depending on your budget, there are immediate and long-term prevention options homeowners should consider: 

Short-Term Prevention

  • Remove snow from the roof using a roof rake or push broom to avoid snow from melting and turning into snow dams.
  • In emergencies where water has already leaked inside, cut channels in the ice dam so water can drain off the roof. This temporary fix halts damage until permanent solutions.

Long-Term Prevention

  • Seal all ceiling air leaks so warm indoor air cannot enter the attic space and melt the snow on your roof. 
  • Increase attic insulation to decrease heat transfer through the ceiling and roof. 
  • Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against the elements, any damage to your shingles should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible