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Wisconsin Ice Dam Prevention & Repair

What are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are ridges of ice that form on the edge of a roof and prevent melting snow from draining off. The water they hold back refreezes and the problem gets worse. Luckily, Overhead Solutions is Wisconsin's top roof repair contractor.

Wisconsin winters can be a little chilly, coming with extreme temperatures and blustering winds. If your roof, attic and gutters aren’t at the level they need to be, these elements can cause serious damage.

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Ice Damage Repair

When water backs up behind an ice dam, it can cause serious problems. The freezing and thawing of water underneath shingles can begin to peel up or damage shingles. Once your shingles are compromised water can enter your home.

Mold, leaks, and structural damage are the inevitable result of an unchecked ice dam. No matter how far the damage has gone, Overhead Solutions can repair any damage done, and install preventative measures to keep it from happening again

Protection Solutions

The best defense against ice dams is a well-kept and insulated attic & roof. The biggest cause of ice dams is heat at the peak of the attic melting snow, which flows down to lower, cooler parts of the roof where it re-freezes. Green Bay roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions employs basic prevention as well as more targeted ice dam prevention methods like:

  • Roof & soffit vents
  • Heat cables
  • Ice & water barriers
Contact Overhead Solutions to talk about ice dam prevention, and repairing ice dam damage.

I just want to take a few minutes to thank Paul & his crews for doing an excellent job on my hail damage repairs..... Every question I had you were quick to answer & you handled any of my concerns right away... After the storm hit, I received so many different fliers from different contractors & I am so glad I chose you!!!! AWESOME boss & AWESOME crews!!!! I highly recommend these guys!!!! Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

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