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Roof Flashing Repair in Wisconsin

Roofing Valley Flashing Protects Against the Elements

Flashing plays an important role in the integrity of your roof by keeping weather, pests, water and ice from creeping in between your roof and its features. Damaged flashing will allow water into the cracks in your roof where mold will begin growing in your home. The freeze/thaw cycle will also cause damage to the structure of your roof by forcing open joints and fracturing bricks. If you need roofing repair, call Overhead Solutions today.

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Many Roof leaks are Caused by Damaged Waterproof Flashing 

Your roof is covered in seams and cracks. Every junction, ridge and valley has a seam which needs to be sealed with flashing to keep the elements out. Some of the most common places where flashing roof repair is needed are:

  • Chimney Flashing
  • Window Flashing
  • Vent Pipe Flashing
  • Dormer Flashing

Flashing Repair Costs

Ignoring a roof flashing problem will lead to more expensive repairs in the future. A small water leak combined with several freeze-thaw cycles can create structural problems if left unchecked. Mold and mildew can compromise your roof even further. The junction between your roof and chimney could become an easy access point for pests which will further damage your roof and home.

Need roof flashing repair now? Overhead Solutions has 24/7 emergency roof repair services to help minimize damage and protect your home.

Roof Flashing Types

Roof flashing and shingles are equally responsible in preventing leaks. Several types of roof flashing are used for different applications including:

  • Drip Edge to prevent water from an overfilled gutter from making its way under your shingles.
  • Valley Flashing to prevent shingle erosion and roof leaks.
  • Vent Pipe Flashing over round pipes passing through your roof to protect vents.
  • Step Flashing to keep water moving around your chimney.
Overhead Solutions is Wisconsin's top roof repair contractor. Get in touch if need roof flashing repair.

I just want to take a few minutes to thank Paul & his crews for doing an excellent job on my hail damage repairs..... Every question I had you were quick to answer & you handled any of my concerns right away... After the storm hit, I received so many different fliers from different contractors & I am so glad I chose you!!!! AWESOME boss & AWESOME crews!!!! I highly recommend these guys!!!! Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

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