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Residential & Commercial Roofing in Northern Wisconsin

The Luxemburg roofers at Overhead Solutions perform manufacturer-certified services. We repair, install and replace all common types of roofing like asphalt shingles, Unified Steel roofing, metal roofing, commercial rubber roofing, cedar shake roofing and more. All of our Luxemburg roofing services are completed according to manufacturer specifications so you get all available warranties. 

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Do I need a building permit to replace my roof in Luxemburg?

According to the Village of Luxemburg website, a building permit is required for re-roofing projects:

"Before you start any building project, please check with our office to determine if you will need a building permit. Many home improvement projects require a permit in advance, such as the following: a. building additions b. windows & siding c. roofing...It is unlawful to begin your building project without first obtaining a permit."

For questions and more information:

Village of Luxemburg Municipal Office
206 Maple Street, Luxemburg, WI 54217-0307
Phone: (920)845-2722 | Fax: (920)845-2902

Gutter Repair & Installation in Door County

Overhead Solutions offers a variety of gutter cleaning, repair and installation services in Luxemburg, WI. Damaged gutters can leak water near the base of your foundation, threatening the stability of your home. Our contractors quickly repair damaged gutters – in fact, 99% of our gutter & downspout jobs are completed in just 1 day. We install gutter covers, too. Contact Overhead Solutions for Gutter Guard and Leaf Relief gutter cover installation in Luxemburg.

Average roof replacement cost in Luxemburg

Asphalt $3,603 - $6,691
Metal $10,598 - $19,682
Cedar Shake $14,837 - $27,554


Luxemburg Roofing Company

Luxemburg isn't an average village, so they deserve an above-average roofing company. Businesses and homeowners in Luxemburg turn to the experts at Overhead Solutions when they need professional roof repair, commercial roofing, roof replacement, roof installation, window installation, siding repair and more. All of our work is performed to manufacturer specifications and comes backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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