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Average Roof Repair and Replacement Cost in Wisconsin

Most roofs will last 30-50 years but at some point, they’ll need replacement. Northern Wisconsin residents should expect to spend between $8,000 and $36,000 to replace their roofs. The average cost to repair a roof in the state currently averages $420. Contact Overhead Solutions today to schedule a roof replacement with one of our roofing teams.

Roof Pricing Factors

The size of your roof is the biggest factor as this would determine how much material will be needed and how long it would take to install a new roof. The larger the size of your roof, the more you will be expected to spend.

Choosing the materials should depend on the design of your roof. For example, steep roofs won’t be able to handle heavy shingles such as cedar shake shingles. Overhead Solutions offers materials that can last up to 50 years. Metal shingles can provide the most protection but are more costly than the ones that would last 20-30 years. It is best to consult an Overhead Solution’s roofing expert to find the best roofing material for your home.

The more complex and the steeper your current roof is, the more effort it will take our roofing contractors to work on it. There may be times additional equipment will be required to do the job to ensure the safety of our workers and that your roof replacement is done correctly.

Roof damage can occur if the materials are not sturdy enough to withstand the harsh Wisconsin weather. Different types of trees can also damage your roof. On asphalt shingles, branches may touch the roof surface and scrape its protective outer layer. Depending on the surroundings of your home, stronger materials may be required to be installed,

Northern Wisconsin Average Roof Replacement Cost


The asphalt, metal and cedar shake prices below are based on the average home square footage in each Nothern Wisconsin city.

City Asphalt Metal Cedar Shake
Green Bay $4,391 - $8,154 $12,915 - $23,985 $18,081 - $33,579
Appleton $4,593 - $8,530 $13,510 - $25,090 $18,914 - $35,126
De Pere $4,683 - $8,698 $13,776 - $25,584 $19,286 - $35,817
Fond du Lac $4,086 - $7,589 $12,019 - $22,321 $16,826 - $31,249
Oshkosh $3,769 - $7,001 $11,088 - $20,592 $15,523 - $28,828
Neenah $4,498 - $8,353 $13,230 - $24,570 $18,522 - $34,398
Sturgeon Bay $4,560 - $8,468 $13,412 - $24,908 $18,776 - $34,871

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