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Having a quality roof over your head is probably the most important part of your home. Overhead Solutions hires only the best Auburn roofing contractors to perform expert, manufacturer-certified roofing services, so you’re guaranteed satisfaction.

We’ve seen a handful of roofing issues arise after a harsh Wisconsin storm or from winter snow damage. There’s no repair job that’s too tough for our contractors. All of our roofing services are completed in accordance with manufacturer specs and backed by comprehensive warranties.

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Do I Need a Building Permit for my Auburn Roof Replacement?

You will need a building permit for most home exterior or interior projects including re-roofing your house. Overhead Solutions will take care of all the paperwork and obtain the permits so you don’t have to. We make getting a roof replacement easy.

For more information on permits, contact:

Auburn Town Hall
W1728 Sunset Drive Campbellsport, WI 53010
Phone: 414-333-9696

New Roof Construction vs Roof Installation in Auburn

Whether you need an entirely new roof or just the exterior part of the roofing system installed, Overhead Solutions’ contractors are experts at both aspects. For roof construction, we take care of building the rafters and ridge, installing facia and soffit and other structural elements. We’ll then work around the dormer and other systems to install the felt, shingles, TPO sheets, etc. you’ve chosen for your roof. We work with every roofing material you could imagine for residential or commercial roofs. 

Average roof replacement cost in Auburn

Asphalt $4,326 - $8,035
Metal $12,726 - $23,634
Cedar Shake $17,816 - $33,087

Wisconsin Roof Repairs

A damaged roof can decrease the value of your home and threaten the lives of your family. You shouldn’t wait to have your roof repaired, especially when damages can worsen and cost you more money down the line.

Overhead Solutions has a record of completing an average roofing job in less than two days. Our efficient contractors understand the importance of safety and will meticulously clean up debris from your roof repair. A simple repair can save you from an entire roof replacement.

Overhead Solutions serves residents throughout Fond Du Lac County, including:

We provide roofing services for all Fond du Lac County zip codes: 53010, 53019, 53049, 53057, 53065, 53079, 53919, 53931, 54932, 54935, 54936, 54937, 54971, 54974, 54979

Contractors applying waterproof underlayment on roof in Auburn, WI