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Preparing Your Roof for Winter in Wisconsin

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How to Winterize Your Roof in WisconsinWinterize your roof in Brown County, Green Bay & Beyond

Wisconsin winters can be tough on your roof, thanks to snow and constantly fluctuating temperatures. Without properly preparing your roof for winter, snow and ice can accumulate, melt and refreeze, creating a roof ice dam and damaging your home. To winterize your roof and protect your home from brutal Wisconsin winters, work with a professional roofing company to fully protect your roof.

Our Green Bay roofing professionals at Overhead Solutions protect your shingles from roof ice dams to prevent harmful indoor leaks and destruction to your walls and ceilings. We offer a variety of preventative roof winterization services for your home. We'll provide a detailed inspection of your roof to uncover any issues that may be made worse by winter, including:

  • Holes or tears in your roof surface
  • Damaged roof decks, beams and joists
  • Bent or blocked drains, pipes and downspouts
  • Loose or blocked gutters and snow guards
  • Slope to drains
  • Areas prone to snow or water accumulation
  • Snow removal

From Door County to Madison to Milwaukee, Overhead Solutions will travel anywhere in Wisconsin to meet your roofing needs, often completing your roofing job in as little as one day. Don’t wait for the first snowfall. Make sure your home is ready to withstand another Wisconsin winter.

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Heating Wires for Roof Prevents Winter Damage

If your roof is prone to snow and water accumulation, you can avoid snow and ice buildup by applying heating wires. When professionally installed by the experts at Overhead Solutions, heating wires can melt ice dams and help water flow to gutters and drains, instead of destructively pooling on your roof. Before winter arrives in Wisconsin, let Overhead Solutions apply heating wires to your roof. Our heating wire application professionals can install heat cables on your roof in as little as one day.

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