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Winterization roofing services in Green Bay area

Roof Winterization in Northern Wisconsin

The guaranteed results from Overhead Solutions provide the protection every Wisconsin home needs during winter. From snow to ice and cold temperatures, your roof needs to be structurally sound and ready to handle the chilly weather. Get the verified quality Overhead Solutions provides before it’s too late.

4 Ways to Winterize Your Wisconsin Roof

There are few things worse than being left out in the cold with a faulty, ineffective roof during the long winter months. There are several ways to ensure your home is ready to withstand everything winter has in store:

  1. Clear your gutters of debris: keeping your gutters clear of debris is key to avoiding the pooling of water and ice. Get up there and check out your gutters before the first snowfall.
  2. Trim or remove overhanging tree branches: winter winds and heavy snowfall can break off tree branches and limbs onto your roof – when this happens, roof damage is a likely outcome. Alleviate any worries associated with falling debris by keeping your trees trimmed.
  3. Make sure your roof is properly insulated: the rising costs of energy for heating make proper insulation a must. Get ahead of winter’s woes by making sure your roof has adequate insulation to prevent heat from escaping.
  4. Get a roof inspection: schedule a roof inspection with Overhead Solutions and get ahead of the inevitable winter weather. Contact Overhead Solutions and avoid being left out in the cold. Price quotes are always free.

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How Does Snow Affect Your Roof?

Heavy snowfall can damage your roof from weight buildup and the secondary effects of snowmelt. After even just a few inches of snowfall, your roof’s integrity can become compromised. The resulting damage impacts safety and energy efficiency and can lead to hefty repair bills.

How Does Ice Affect Your Roof?

Roofing concerns don’t relent after temperatures increase. Snowmelt can pool on roofs and gutters, and if the weather becomes suddenly colder, the melt freezes and attacks your roof’s weak points. Cracks in shingling and roofs increase and new fissures form; ice dams collect in gutters and filtration becomes blocked.

How To Prevent Ice Dams in Wisconsin

Ice dams are some of the most damaging factors when it comes to roofing. They tear off gutters and degrade shingles whenever the roof’s surface temperature fluctuates between thaw and freeze. Luckily, ice dams can be prevented with some simple, routine maintenance:

Metal Roofs in the Winter

Metal roofs are among the strongest roofs available. They’re great at insulation and save you money on heating costs. They’re easier to maintain compared to shingled roofs and can withstand heavy snow accumulation and damaging hail.

However, due to their insulating properties, metal roofs tend to hold more heat. Snow melts faster, potentially leading to snow and ice dams. Keeping metal roofs clear of snow and ice is paramount to achieving the best results.

Heating Wires to Prevent Winter Roof Damage

If your roof is prone to snow and ice accumulation, avoid buildup by installing heating wires to your roof. When professionally installed, heating wires melt ice dams and help meltwater flow to gutters and drains rather than destructively pooling on your roof. Before winter arrives in Wisconsin, apply heating wires to your roof. Installation is quick, often taking less than one day to install.

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