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Affordable roof replacement in Kaukauna, WI

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The Best Roofing Contractors in Northern Wisconsin

Wisconsin is notorious for brutal weather. Harsh winds and storms can take a toll on your roof in Kaukauna. Leaky roofs don’t fix themselves, so don’t wait to fix yours. Overhead Solutions roofing contractors located in Kaukauna hold themselves to the highest industry standard, all work is manufacturer certified.

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Are Kaukauna residents required to have a permit for roof replacement? 

Yes, Kaukauna residents are required to have a permit for roof replacements. Per the "Do I need a permit" page on the City of Kaukauna's website. Everything will be in order and ready to go for your roofing project. 

City of Kaukauna
144 W 2nd St Kaukauna Wisconsin, 54130

Average roof replacement cost in Kaukauna

Asphalt $4,072 - $7,562
Metal $11,977 - $22,243
Cedar Shake $16,767 - $31,140


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Whether it’s for your business or your home, Overhead Solutions contractors are the best roofers in Wisconsin, earning a pristine company reputation by not only putting up industry-standard new roofing will solve any underlying problems that might have caused the issue. All services come with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, which means you don’t pay a dime for the job until it’s a job well done.

Outagamie County Roofing Company

Kaukauna homes need quality roofs. Contact Overhead Solutions for the best roofing contractors in central Wisconsin. Services include siding, gutters, and windows – all backed by manufacturer warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact Overhead solutions, and let’s keep those raindrops from falling on your head.

Overhead Solutions serves residents throughout Outagamie County, including:

Proud to serve businesses and homeowners in: 53014, 53061, 53062, 53088, 54110, 54123, 54129, 54160 & 54169

Roofing contractor replacing gutter after new metal roof replacement in Kaukauna, WI