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The certified roof repair contractors at Overhead Solutions offer professional, warrantied roof repairs on all kinds of commercial properties.

We take on jobs large and small for businesses, manufacturing facilities & multi-family housing units in Green Bay and all over Northern Wisconsin.

Reputable Commercial Roofing Contractors

Trust Overhead for:

Whether you need to stop a leak in an apartment before moving in a new tenant, or you need to repair the rubber roof on your production facility, you can rely on the commercial roofers at Overhead Solutions.

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Commercial Asphalt Roofers

Asphalt roofing, or composite roofing, can be found on all sorts of commercial and multi-family properties in Green Bay. Overhead Solutions performs warrantied service on:

Most people think of residential properties when they see asphalt shingles but plenty of businesses in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin have them too. Trusting an average roofer to work on a composite roof can be risky, so you need the licensed roofers at Overhead Solutions.

Rubber Roof Repair, Replacement & Installation

Flat roofing is what most people picture when they think of a commercial roof. While any professional worth their salt can work on asphalt shingles, obtaining a truly qualified roofer when it comes to rubber roofing is important. Overhead Solutions offers repairs, replacement, and installation service on all kinds of flat roofing including:

Overhead Solutions performs services on industrial properties in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin. Professional services include our satisfaction guarantee, meaning we make sure you're happy with our work before we leave.

Superior Standing Seam Roofing

Commercial standing seam roofing is a popular choice for barns, warehouses, and other large buildings in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin. For standing seam roofs, Overhead Solutions offers:

  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Replacement

Like most forms of commercial roofing, it takes professionals like the ones at Overhead to perform proper standing seam roof repair and replacement. Whether you're building a new property, or need to fix a leak in an existing one, trust the roofers at Overhead Solutions.

Masterful Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular commercial roofing material thanks to its price and durability. Overhead Solutions performs metal roof:

Whether you have a new or existing property, the experienced roofers at Overhead Solutions offer superior roofing services in Wisconsin.

Intrepid Commercial Roof Installation

Yes, Overhead Solutions installs shingles on businesses, but commercial roofing is more than that. Roof installation comes in all materials and sizes with the help of an expert. We do several different roof installations including:

From a built-up roofing system on a hotel to simple shingles on a four-family apartment, Overhead Solutions does it all. New rubber installation and even commercial asphalt installation should be performed by professional roofers like ours. Our experts install roofs on new and existing buildings in Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin.

Reliable Commercial Roof Replacement

Northern Wisconsin's weather takes a toll on roofs. You can't afford a leaking or sagging roof when you have tenants living and working in your property. If it's time for a new commercial roof, trust Overhead Solutions. We offer a variety of replacement materials including:

Don't trust just any roofer to replace the roof on your apartment building or hotel. You need experienced commercial roofers like the ones at Overhead Solutions. We work quickly and efficiently so your tenants aren't made uncomfortable, and we work with a variety of materials.