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Metal Roof Repair

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Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofing systems have become increasingly popular options for commercial buildings in Northern Wisconsin. When properly installed, these roofs are virtually leak-proof.

While metal roofing is famed for its durability, high winds and heavy ice can cause damage. Even the best metal roofs will be damaged over time, especially if they're installed by a cut-rate roofer. As Northern Wisconsin's best commercial roofing company, all of our metal roof repair and metal roof installation jobs are covered under a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

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Metal roofs are often found on:

  • Churches
  • Barns
  • Warehouses

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Comprehensive Metal Roof Repair

There's a metal roof system for any building. Whether you have a multi-family residential property, a production facility, a church, a barn, or any other property, there's a metal roofing system that's perfect for your needs. As such, Overhead Solutions is prepared to repair any and every kind of metal roofing system. Contact us for:

Signs you Need Metal Roof Repair

While a torrential leak or a giant hole is easily recognizable, there are other signs you might need metal roof repair. Climb up on your roof and look for:

  • Open seams
  • Oxidation (rust)
  • Open ridge/headwall flashing
  • Open penetration flashings
  • Fastener backout
  • Panel damage
  • Loose counterflashing

Of course, if you don't feel like climbing on a roof that needs to be repaired, you could always contact the commercial roofers at Overhead Solutions.

Trust Overhead Solutions for Warrantied Metal Roof Repair

If the metal roofing on your commercial building or warehouse is damaged or leaking due to wind damage or shoddy installation, look to Overhead Solutions. We are a family-owned and operated roofing company based in Green Bay committed to the highest standards of workmanship. We repair all types of commercial metal roofing, from standing seam metal roofs to painted metal shingle roofs. All our work is covered by applicable manufacturer warranties and backed by our own 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer 0% 12-month financing.

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