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Roofing Contractors for Apartment Buildings

In buildings with multiple residents, it is especially important to have a good roof overhead. Wisconsin weather is nothing to mess with and you don’t want your tenants to be wet and cold as rain and thawing snow drips down onto them.

Every job we do is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is completed to conform to manufacturer specifications exactly. This ensures that you're always happy with the roof you get, and the repair of faulty material is covered.

Wisconsin Multi-Unit Roof Repair, Installation and Replacement

Whether you’re looking for asphalt shingle roofing on a condo or apartment or even commercial rubber roofing for a hotel, Overhead Solutions has you covered. We handle apartment roofing services at a reasonable cost for multi-tenant units such as:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Developments with Homeowner’s Associations
  • Multi-Family Structures
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Duplexes

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Asphalt Roof Replacement

If your apartment complex roof is showing signs of age or damage and you’re questioning what course of action is right, then the best way to find your answer is to contact Overhead Solutions. You never want the worst-case scenario: your unattended sagging roof caves in, not only threatening your building but the livelihood of your tenants. Don't let a leak get that far, know the signs before it's too late:

  • Damaged or buckling shingles
  • Extreme leaks
  • Rot or sagging
  • Plant growth on roof
  • Signs of age, around 20 years after installation

Asphalt shingle roofing is an affordable and long-lasting option for apartment roof replacement. We also can replace old, worn rubber roofing for commercial properties. Our installers can help you decide which roofing option is best for your building.

Asphalt roofing for apartments from Overhead Solutions is backed by manufacturer warranties and our satisfaction guarantee. We work quickly and efficiently so your tenants' lives get back to normal as fast as possible.

Apartment Roof Repair and Maintenance

To prevent leaks before they start, our installers can winterize your roof and keep it in great condition with inspections and regular maintenance. We will identify potential risks and repair them before they cause potentially thousands of dollars in damage to the building. Overhead Solutions apartment roof repairs include:

  • Leaky roofs
  • Missing flashing
  • Warped shingles

Whether you have asphalt, flat rubber, cedar shake, or even metal roofing - Overhead Solutions repairs all types of roofing on multi-family buildings. All our work is covered by applicable manufacturer warranties and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. And to make it easier to get needed work done, we offer 0% 12-month financing. Contact Overhead Solutions for: 

  • Apartment roof repair 
  • Condo roof repair 
  • Church roof repair 
  • Retail space roof repair 

If disaster strikes, call 920-490-9100 and our 24-hour Emergency Roof Repair Service will be there ASAP to quickly take care of everything from small but destructive leaks to blown-over oak trees. 

Commercial Asphalt Roof Installation

Roofing installation is no small job. When you’ve got to do it, go with the company that will do it right, and ensure that you don’t have to do it again for as long as possible. Our extensive experience in commercial roofing installation projects makes us fit to take on any apartment of multi-dwelling building from small duplexes to large flat-roofed buildings.

Asphalt roofing is one of the most popular roofing options installed in Wisconsin for many reasons:

  • Low Cost
  • Quick Installation
  • Versatility
  • Variety
  • Safety

Our roofing pros can help you decide which roofing option would be most effective, whether that be asphalt, shingles, metal roofing or rubber roofing. A quality apartment building roof over your tenants’ heads is an essential expense, don’t settle for a company that will do sub-par work which will need to be replaced sooner.

Apartment Roof Installation

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Northern Wisconsin

If disaster strikes, call 920-490-9100 and our 24-hour Emergency Roof Repair Service will be there ASAP to quickly take care of everything from small but destructive leaks to blown-over oak trees.

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