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Stone Coated Steel Roof Repair in Green Bay

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Overhead Solutions Solves All Stone Coated DECRA Roof Problems

A number of Green Bay homeowners choose Decra stone coated steel roofing tiles for their durability and wonderful design styles. Even when installed correctly by the experts at Overhead Solutions homeowners still experience Decra roofing problems despite the system’s quality construction and legendary durability. Turn to the Green Bay roofing pros at Overhead Solutions for stone coated roof repair.

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Common Stone Coated Steel Metal Roof Problems

Stone Coated Metal Roof Discoloration

Decra roofing systems use exposed fasteners which are then covered by a sealant or adhesive. After years of enduring harsh summer sun and brutal Green Bay winters, the sealant begins to degrade. Once exposed to the elements the fasteners can rust, causing discoloration on the stone tiles. Discoloration can also occur if your roof uses copper or lead flashings. The roof repair experts at Overhead Solutions can repair discolored Decra stone tiles and restore your roof back to its original glory.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Hip & Ridge Damage

Like all roofs, hips & ridges on stone coated metal roofs are the most exposed to damage from the elements. Decra roofing systems use a complicated hip & ridge system specific to the type of tile or shake pattern of the roof. Don’t trust a cut-rate roofer to repair your stone coated metal roof. Turn to the Green Bay roofers at Overhead Solutions for professional Decra roof repair.

Six Layers of Protection from the Elements

  1. Acrylic Priming Systemapplied to both sides of the panel, this layer acts as a uniform substrate to help other layers better adhere to the steel
  2. Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating provides protection from corrosion for more than 50 years (even for holes, scratches, and exposed edges) in most environments
  3. Structural-Grade Steel has a 37ksi minimum tensile strength, making it strong enough to hold against almost any extreme weather forces, yet able to be molded to fit the profile of your home’s structure
  4. Basecoatforms the adhesive bonding the stone and steel, and reinforces the corrosion-resistance of the aluminum-zinc coating
  5. Ceramic-Coated Stone Granulesapplied for maximum protection of the steel from UV light and water, and available in various colors to help your home’s aesthetic appeal
  6. Overglaze a tough final coating adds resistance to the physical elements and helps adhere the stone granules to the steel plate


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