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Repair Contractor for Sagging Roofs

Sagging roof needs to be replaced

What Are Sagging Roofs?

A sagging roof is the result of inadequate structural support for the weight of the roof. Most commonly you’ll notice this in the ridge of the roof, often the middle will sag while the ends remain upright, creating a saddle shape. You may also notice sagging in the soffits, overhangs or rafters.

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Don't ignore your sagging roof

A sagging roof rarely manifests on its own. If your roof is curved it’s likely the result of old age, structural damage from years of storms, heavy snow, or poor construction. Letting the problem persist will only allow those factors to continue eroding away at the integrity of your roof until your roof suffers a catastrophic failure

Soft Spots On Roofs Are Serious

Soft spots on roofs aren’t uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. If you notice a soft, soggy, sinking spot on your roof, it’s critical to call a roofing repair service ASAP. This ensures that the damage stays surface level and doesn’t put the rest of your home in jeopardy.

For soft spots on flat roofs or residential shingled roofs in Wisconsin, contact Wisconsin's top roof repair contractor.

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What Causes Soft Spots on Roofs?

Over the course of a 25-30 year lifetime, even the highest quality roof will begin to show cracks. This is especially true in Wisconsin, where you see extreme weather in the Summer and Winter will eventually wear down shingles over time, leaving small vulnerable spaces in your roofing. Underneath most roofing tiles or shingles is a layer of plywood sheeting. With decades of heavy rain and cold wet snows seeping through the gaps in your shingles, plywood will begin to dampen, weakening the foundation of your roof, in turn leading to a soft depression in your roof. 


How To Prevent Soft Spots On Your Roof 

Preventing soft spots comes down to staying vigilant and noticing the first signs of damage to your shingles after a storm, or other extreme weather. But the best way to prevent soft spots on your roof is easier answered in hindsight: 

Fix Soft Spots & Sagging Between Trusses, Rafters & Joists on Your Roof

If the damage has already been done, there’s no need to worry. Unlike some common roofing problems, fixing sagging and soft spots isn’t as easy as retrofitting some structural support to keep your roof held up. Sagging indicates serious, underlying structural issues that require professional attention. 

With Overhead Solutions on the job, your roofing project will be as painless as possible. You're trusting one of Wisconsin’s top roofing contractors, which our satisfied customers will attest to. Most jobs can be completed in 1 to 2 days, and financing and payment options are offered to make the cost of your roof construction project more bearable.

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