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Buckling Asphalt Shingle Repair

Repairing Buckling Shingles for Wisconsin Homes

One or two years after a new roof is installed, you may start to notice your asphalt shingles buckling and bumping. Buckling is the result of moisture problems in your roofing system, or occasionally, defective roofing materials. Buckling is also caused by the wrinkling of roofing underlayment or the movement of the wood deck. Any area of your roof with exposed wood deck will absorb moisture during summer months. 

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What happens next with buckling shingles?

Buckling shingles are most common within the first year of installation. As moisture levels rise and fall, sheathing can move, pushing shingles up. Occasionally, buckling shingles can be caused by environmental conditions during installation. If shingles are installed shortly after rain, the underlying moisture can cause movement in the roofing system.

Regardless of how your buckling shingles were caused, one thing is certain: you are vulnerable. Buckling shingles can quickly lead to leaks, rotting and deterioration. A professional roofing contractor can replace your sheathing and address excess moisture to prevent your shingles from buckling again.

Roofing Experts Prevent Buckling Shingles

A properly installed roof should be resistant to buckling from moisture. Overhead Solutions ensures that every roof installed has taken environmental concerns into account. Roofing professionals have the skills to modify existing roofing systems to minimize humidity fluctuation in an attic with ventilation solutions.

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