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Roofing contractors repair asphalt shingles

Asphalt Roof Repair in Green Bay

Professional Asphalt Roof Repair 

Asphalt is one of the most common roofing materials found on Green Bay homes. Asphalt shingle roofing will last for 50 years when installed by professional roofers. Any roof will suffer damage after years of enduring harsh winter weather. Deteriorating shingles, leaky flashing and buckling are all signs of an asphalt roof in desperate need of repair. Turn to Overhead Solutions when you need professional asphalt roof repair in Green Bay.

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Common Causes of Asphalt Roofing Damage

  • Severe weather such as rain, wind, snow & ice
  • Low temperatures cause shingle cracking and buckling
  • High temperatures can melt asphalt and sealants and cause blistering
  • Excessive moisture can cause mold and moss
  • Infrequent roof inspections

An ice storm might cause damage to 5 sq. ft. of your roof. Fail to fix it now and you might be looking at 50 sq. ft. of damage next year. Regular roof inspections from the professionals at Overhead Solutions can identify small affordable problems before they become big expensive problems.

Guaranteed Low-Cost Asphalt Roof Repair 

You could trust the budget roofing company to repair your asphalt roof, but will you trust them when they need to fix the roof a second time? Asphalt roof repair costs are only low when they are performed once. It isn’t a cheap repair if you need to do it twice. The expert roofers at Overhead Solutions guarantee your asphalt roof will be repaired right the first time, keeping your costs low.

We use high-quality brands on all of our asphalt shingle repairs. Turn to Overhead Solutions for:

Leaking Roof Repair in Green Bay

Is your asphalt roof leaking? Contact the Green Bay roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions. A leaking asphalt roof can cause wood rot, create mold and other expensive damage. The Green Bay roofers at Overhead Solutions find roof leaks and fix them faster than the competition. The best part? We fix it right the first time. If we have to fix your leaky asphalt roof a second time because of a mistake we made it’s on us. Guaranteed.

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