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The Pulaski roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions offer high-quality residential and commercial roofing services. When you need to repair, replace or install a roof, trust Overhead Solutions for high-quality craftmanship. Working with asphalt shingles, Unified Steel roofing, metal roofing, commercial roofing, cedar shake roofing and other roofing systems. Work is backed by all manufacturer warranties and a satisfaction guarantee. 

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Chris and crew did a fantastic job with our roof install / replacement. The whole process from quotation with Brandon to scheduling to the install went very smooth without any issues. The price was comparable but the service went above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommend this professional company. Best of the best, world class business!!!

Tim A

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Does Pulaski Require a Building Permit for a Roof Replacement?

Yes, commercial and residential roofing replacements require you to submit a building permit before work begins on your roof. 

For more information, contact: 

Village of Pulaski
585 E Glenbrook Dr Pulaski, Wisconsin 54162
920 822-5182

Average roof replacement cost in Pulaski

Asphalt $3,927 - $7,293
Metal $11,550 - $21,450
Cedar Shake $16,170 - $30,030


Gutter Repair & Installation in Pulaski

Overhead Solutions offers a variety of gutter cleaning, repair and installation services in Pulaski. Damaged gutters can leak water near the base of your foundation, threatening the stability of your home. Contractors quickly repair damaged gutters quickly and efficiently. The majority of gutter & downspout jobs are completed in just 1 day. Offering quick installation and quality gutter covers too. Contact Overhead Solutions for Gutter Guard and Leaf Relief gutter cover installation in Pulaski.

Pulaski Roofing Company

Wisconsin weather is tough on roofs. Ice dams, algae growth, UV damage and other costly problems can weaken shingles and cause leaks if left untreated. Overhead Solutions is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality workmanship on new roof installations and repairs. Wisconsin roofing contractors have the expertise to complete your roofing job right the first time which will save on maintenance costs in the future. 

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